I was sick of relying on really crappy gifing programs and I wanted to try out a new method of making gifs that didn’t look like crap and didn’t skip frames, so I went ahead and manually put these hi-res gifs together frame by frame and prettied the heck outta them and I am so so happy because for once they look spectacular 

— I give permission to totally delete this line of text and my commentary above when you reblog this, I hate cluttering up peoples’ blogs. Just enjoy the gifs! —

[Thor: The Dark World]





Are you even real

what the hell hes literally the best


"the original bionicle sets were so much more complicated than hero factory sets!!! uGH bionilc eis going t suck in 2015!!1"

literally all you had to do differently was use technic pins and axles jfc

I swear on the lord, I will buy every single new Bionicle set and after I’ve built them I will shove pins and axles into every single unoccupied pin and axle hole until they look like biomechanical porcupines